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Grand Marshal

Pete & Sue Madsen

Days of the Old West Rodeo Grand Marshals 2023


Pete and Sue Picture.jpg

Pete Madsen was born in 1940 to Lowe and Violet Madsen in the small town of Manti Utah.  His dad was a sheepherder and would spend most of the year on the Manti mountain.  When Pete was 3 months old his dad put him in the pack saddle and took him to the sheep camp and he’s  been on a horse ever since.  Pete grew up learning how to be a responsible, respected, hardworking man from his dad and older brothers.  Pete joined the navy at the age of 17.  He served and fought for his country for 6 years.  This is where he learned the art of welding.  He worked as a welder in many different places.  At the age of 32 he decided to go back to school to be an electrician.  He attended UTC in Provo Utah.  This is where he met the sweet, beautiful Sue.


Sue was born in 1952 to Eldon and Wanda Greenhalgh in Santaquin Utah.  She grew up with a deep love for Heavenly Father and with sunshine in her soul.  She has a great love for others and has the ability to see the good in all.   She grew up watching and loving musicals and has been singing since she was a little girl.  Sue loves to sing.  In fact she has a song for every occasion. Many people have nicknamed her “Singing Sue”.   Sue loves the outdoors, camping, riding horses with Pete, spending time with her family and pulling weeds.  She compares pulling weeds to pulling out the bad in our lives.  She says, “You have to get the whole weed out, root and all.”   Wherever Sue may be, if she sees a weed she pulls it out.  Sue grew up and attended UTC  to become a nurse.  Her nursing dreams soon came to a stop when she met Pete.  It was love at first sight.


Pete and Sue Madsen became an inseparable couple on January 7th, 1972.  They have been married for 51 years.  They have endured many hardships together but this has only brought them closer. 

Pete and Sue are the kind of people that will drop whatever they are doing and help whoever is in need.  They are honest, respected and kind.  If you have had the opportunity to receive their love and help then you have a friend for life.  So, if you see a sweet lady on the arm of a tall cowboy wearing matching shirts or jackets, give them a hello and a smile and know that you met two very special people.

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