Holy Rodeo Cowboy and Cowgirls!!! What a year!  This year we had it all from a great turnout, to great stock, to great entertainment, to great food, to great people watching.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished with the help and the strong support that we receive year after year!  The Days of the Old West Rodeo Committee are so grateful for the people that surround us and allow us to do what we enjoy.  We work hard to provide a thrilling rodeo for our community that we can be proud to be part of!  None of this would be possible without a whole heap of help and support.  We’d like to thank the following people and groups for all you do to make The Days of the Old West Rodeo possible:

👏Jennifer Tolbert and Kate Jackson for sharing their beautiful voices
👏Russell Greathouse for his support & his cronies for their help
👏 Powder River Rodeo & their holy moly incredible stock 
👏West Millard Ambulance and their amazing life saving abilities
👏Delta & Fillmore 4H Riding Club for their program & hat selling skills
👏Delta Volleyball Team, Coaches, & Parents for their delicious concession food again this year
👏Fillmore Cheerleaders, Coaches, & Parents for joining the concessions this year with delicious food
👏Kade Rogge and his voice for keeping us going
👏US Forest Service and this gorgeous land
👏Post 135 for displaying our country’s beautiful colors Saturday night
👏Rider Kiesner & Bethany Iles for entertaining us 
👏Millard County Commissioners for letting us do our thing
👏Our gorgeous Flag Girls with the wicked riding capabilities
👏Residence of Millard County for their generosity
👏The brave Delta Fire Department and their pyrotechnic expertise
👏The Wild West Millard Sheriff’s Posse, we’d be lost without them
👏Reed for taking some breath taking pictures 
👏Millard County Sheriff’s Department for keeping us safe
👏Delta City and their hospitality
👏Our Mutton Bustin’ Beast Stock Contractor: Mike Roper
👏Kevin, the Rockstar, Morris
👏Rick Bublitz and his hard-working crew
👏Charming Ticket Divas
👏Derreld and Atkinson Sound for pumping up the jam
👏Kenny Mortensen for announcing the slack
👏Millard County Chronicle
👏Rockin’ Camera Chick Gracee
👏Delta Jubilee for filling the Poker Riders’ stomachs with delicious food
👏Zane & Kade for keeping the bull riders safe
👏The wonderful and amazing Rodeo Sponsors for all their astounding support throughout the years
👏All of our other incredible volunteers
👏The Rodeo Committee’s Supportive Spouses & Family Members (there should be a support group for them)